FY 2015 Annual Performance Report & FY 2017 Annual Performance Plan


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Section I:? Overview?

Strategic Goals and Objectives
Organizational Structure
Financial Structure?
Summary of Financial Information
?????? FY 2015 Resource Information?
?????? Analysis of Financial Statements?
Data Reliability and Validity?
Summary of Performance in FY 2015?
FY 2014-2015 Priority Goals?
Possible Effects of Existing, Currently Known Demands, Risks, Uncertainties, Events, Conditions, and Trends?

Section II:? Performance Information by Strategic Goal/Objective?

Strategic Goal I
?????? Strategic Objective 1.1
?????? Strategic Objective 1.2?
?????? Strategic Objective 1.3
?????? Strategic Objective 1.4
Strategic Goal II
?????? Strategic Objective 2.1?
?????? Strategic Objective 2.2
?????? Strategic Objective 2.3?
?????? Strategic Objective 2.4?
?????? Strategic Objective 2.5?
?????? Strategic Objective 2.6
Strategic Goal III
?????? Strategic Objective 3.1
?????? Strategic Objective 3.2?
?????? Strategic Objective 3.3?
?????? Strategic Objective 3.4?
?????? Strategic Objective 3.5?
?????? Strategic Objective 3.6?
?????? Strategic Objective 3.7?
?????? Strategic Objective 3.8?

Section III:? Evaluations and Additional Information?

Major Program Evaluations Completed During FY 2015
Department Component Websites?



This Report’s Purpose and Reporting Process

This document combines the Department of Justice Annual Performance Report (APR) for FY 2015 and Annual Performance Plan (APP) for FY 2017. Combining our report on past accomplishment?with our plans for the upcoming year provides the reader a useful, complete, and integrated picture of our performance. It represents a continuing step forward in the efforts of the Department to implement the tenets of performance-based management at the heart of the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA). Moreover, the APR/APP provides performance information, enabling the President, Congress, and the American public to assess the annual performance of the Department of Justice. The APR/APP is prepared under the direction of the Department’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Performance Improvement Officer (PIO).

The Department continues to enforce vigorously the broad spectrum of laws of the United States; its highest priority is the fight against terrorism. The Department’s FY 2014-2018 Strategic Plan is available on the Department’s website at http://www.12bintao.site/jmd/strategic2014- 2018/index.html). The Strategic Plan includes 3 strategic goals and 18 strategic objectives that are mentioned throughout this report.

Organization of the Report

Section I – Overview: This section includes summary information about the mission and organization of the Department, resource information, and an analysis of performance information for the Department’s key performance measures.

Section II – FY 2015 Performance Report/FY 2017 Performance Plan: This section provides the Department’s FY 2015 Performance Report, which presents how the Department is working toward accomplishing its mission. The Performance Report provides a summary of the Department’s three strategic goals and discusses performance results by strategic objective. It reports on 30 key performance measures by detailing program objectives and FY 2015 target and actual performance, and noting whether targeted performance levels were or were not achieved.

Section III – Evaluations and Additional Information: This section contains a description of major program evaluations completed during FY 2015, a list of acronyms used in this report, and a list of Department websites. This report is available at http://www.12bintao.site/doj/fy-2015-annual-performance-report-fy-2017-annual-performance-plan

Compliance with Legislated Reporting Requirements

This report meets the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA). The GPRAMA requires performance reporting against all established agency goals outlined in current strategic planning documents.


Updated May 23, 2017

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